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Writing Services / [Writers Wanted] / Other Seeks Highly Experienced Freelance Academic Writers has established an excellent reputation for itself in a few short years. We specialize in top-level writing for graduate students and professionals, and also have a thriving bachelor-level clientele. Our writers receive top dollar for top work in a very friendly atmosphere. Do you have what it takes to work with Graduate Writer?

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If you're an experienced, highly-skilled professional academic writer looking for, you'll want to know two things about us: are we bringing in the clients, and what do we offer our writers.

The answer to the first question is a resounding yes. In just a few years, has catapulted into high-volume territory. At present, we are turning down jobs in our busy seasons (the height of fall and spring semesters), and working hard to fill all of our orders at other times. We are becoming the go-to place for graduate-level work for students from Australia to the UAE (and, of course, the United States).

We've experienced steady growth every single year - and that rate of growth is continuing. The secret to our success is simple: we offer top-quality work and top-quality customer service. I handle the customer service - our writers handle the rest.
So yes, we are definitely bringing in the clients.

What do we offer our writers? Top pay for top work in a friendly work environment.

Freelance Writer Job
I'll be your contact here. I'm a professional writer myself, so I understand the challenges of this work quite well. That's why we offer writers excellent per-page rates (among the best in this business), support with the writing and communication process (anything from needing answers from a client to commiserating about allergies), and reasonable expectations (for example, writers are not expected to make revisions for free when they are not at fault).

In short, we understand that writers are the backbone of the academic writing business. Honest freelancers with top skills are treated very well here. Some are part-timers, and others work with us for the equivalent of full time hours, and earn wages commensurate with a high-paying, full-time job.


At GraduateWriter, we only work with the very best professional writers we can find. We don't compromise on that. If we don't have an excellent writer to handle a particular project, then we won't handle it.

As such, freelancers currently working with Graduate Writer share certain characteristics:

1.They have serious writing and research skills. All of the writers with whom we work are native English speakers, have solid experience writing academic papers, are able to write well and confidently at the graduate level, and know how to find materials if they are online to be found.

2.They have a good sense of personal accountability. Unless circumstances are extremely exigent (e.g. a death in the family), they get their papers done. On time. They don't have the need to make many excuses about why they aren't getting things done because they ARE getting things done.

3.While they have specialties, of course, they are able to work with a wide range of topics in a wide range of disciplines.

If you're thinking about applying to be a freelancer with Graduate Writer, please be sure you possess these characteristics! In addition, you should have room in your schedule to take on at least a few graduate-level projects a week.


If you're a highly experienced, highly qualified writer interested in working with GraduateWriter, please get in touch with us! Please write enough of a cover letter in your email to demonstrate that you can communicate effectively beyond the writing of papers. Please attach two samples of graduate-level work, each one in a different citation style (e.g. APA and MLA).

The email address is We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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We are looking for graduate-level writers specializing in complex assignments.

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