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Making Money Online as a Writing Tutor: A Great Gig for Students and Graduates

Make money online helping students improve their writing. Register as a Contributor with EssayForum, add it to your professional portfolio, and move your career in a good direction.

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When I was studying English in the United States, my most interesting friend was making money online as a writing tutor. Now that I've graduated, I reconnected with her found that she is working as a Contributor with an online essay forum. Students post their essays, and she gives suggestions for improving the grammar and style. I also registered as a Contributor, and it was a step in the right direction for me as an English teacher. I'm posting this article to tell all English students and graduates about my experience as a Contributors with

I started visiting Essay Forum, and it was a perfect opportunity to apply my knowledge of English composition and move my career in a good direction. People have often told me I was a talented writer, and now I'm using that talent to make money and friends. The money is not great, but I've definitely made some great friends and business contacts. Also, EssayForum Contributor / Writing Coach looks impressive on a resume. If you're planning a career as a writer or teacher, you can use your Profile Page at EssayForum as part of your professional portfolio.

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EssayForum is one of those little-known places on the Internet where social media provides a platform for inspired, motivated people to meet each other and achieve their goals together. Some are applying for scholarships, admission, or transfer, while others are simply trying to improve their English grammar. The people who interest me most are the Contributors - those thoughtful, motivated students and teachers who like to learn new things and help others do the same. They are sincere about improving their writing, achieving their goals, and connecting with like-minded people. Essay Forum is unique because it attracts the students and graduates willing to spend time to improve their writing and achieve their goals while helping others do the same. Anyone can register, but the only people who actually stick with it are the ones who sincerely share my interest in English education. Simply stated, the Contributors at EssayForum are my favorite kind of people! Here is the message I hope people will take away after reading this article:

Instead of just visiting EssayForum, register as a Contributor.

Many of my friends browse the essays to improve their writing, but only a few of us participate as Contributors. If you're going to spend time connecting with great people at EssayForum, you should elevate your status to Contributor. Registering as a Contributor is a great strategy for demonstrating your intelligence and strong work ethic, because only the most inspired, motivated students and professionals are interested in working for an online essay writing forum. After a few days, when you sign up to be a PAID Contributor you can add an entry to your resume that says your volunteer work lead you to a paid position. One of the most powerful work experiences to list on a resume is volunteer work that leads to a paid position, because it shows that you are both motivated/inspired and effective. When hiring manager sees that on your resume, she'll draw her own conclusion that you are motivated and sincere.

The other unique characteristic of EssayForum is that the collaboration leads to instant friendships. People get to know one another effortlessly, because we're working together to achieve a goal in every thread (i.e. help the original poster improve her/his essay). Each thread at EssayForum begins with a piece of writing, and when people give suggestions it's like a small, selfless victory we share. Friendships form when people face a common challenge and overcome it together.

Now I'm making money as an online writing tutor.

It was when I registered as a Contributor that I started to feel like a valuable member of the community. It quickly became a way to make money online, because Contributors who give high quality responses can get paid for their posts. Someone suggested that I should ask to be made a paid Contributor, so now I am accruing earnings every time I post advice for another student. I had to create a PayPal account, but it took only 5 minutes, and now it's easy to get paid.

But don't register as a Contributor at EssayForum for the money. It is not going to be a lot, because its a website where people can get help for free. I am not going to get rich as a writing tutor, but it's nice to make extra money for doing something I enjoy. Register as a Contributor if you love language and have a lot of ideas about what makes 'good' writing. Do it to get involved with a community of people who are intelligent, idealistic, and driven to achieve their goals.

I found something! Community, purpose, and courage.

For a whole week, I was trying to find the way to explain what is so different about the community I found at EssayForum. Online communities all have their own personalities which evolve over the course of time. Right now, the only example I could use to explain the atmosphere of EssayForum is Reddit, because the people are usually intelligent and thoughtful. But EssayForum is so much more specialized, it really is a false comparison. EssayForum is different from other communities because in addition to self-expression the people are working together to achieve their specific goals.

I also like the fact that the people are genuinely interested in helping one another. The Contributors volunteer their time to give advice and share ideas with other writers. Some specialize in helping English language learners improve their grammar and writing style. Others treat the forum more like a writer's group, and they use it to share their work and offer constructive criticism to one another. Most of the Contributors are students or graduates, but some are college/university teachers.

When F. Scott Fitzgerald discovered the value of "courage" as a rule of life, he expressed it by writing, "I found something!" The implication is that courage, as a source of guidance and salvation, is like a treasure we can find, as though we are groping around in the dark. He calls it something, it's as though for a moment he does not even recognize what he has found. Well, I think it's possible that what Fitzgerald actually found was a sense of purpose, because purpose is the origin of courage, and every individual's sense of purpose is influenced by her or his community. I found something, too! Working as a Contributor for the EssayForum community is a great gig for students and graduates.

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