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Writing is always a collaborative process. Every book or article that is professionally published is the product of hours of editing as well as writing. Writers receive direction throughout the editing process about grammar, mechanics, areas in need of greater clarity or further research, and formatting. Writing and editing is a skill that is learned. If professional writers seek assistance, why not students who are still in college or graduate school, especially since they are still learning how to write and find their voice? Academic freelance writers can provide students with the needed support to produce higher-quality essays and enable them to produce excellent and outstanding work.

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One of the most effective ways we learn is through imitating more skilled others. Academic example essays are a vital way for students to see what an informed essay looks like, how it is structured, and what professors want. Academic freelance writers are former and current teachers, researchers, writers, and editors who have years of experience creating high-quality content and who are well-versed in a wide variety of citation systems, styles, and types of writing. What seems like an unfamiliar and confusing process to someone who is not familiar with college-level writing is much easier with the guidance of someone who has written many papers before. Often, professors and college writing centers are too busy to give students advice while academic freelance writers can give specific, individualized help on a one-to-one basis. They have assisted so many students over the years and seen so many assignments they can quickly perceive the best way to structure an essay and frame a research question. In short, although they cannot guarantee that a student will receive an 'A,' they can show a student what 'A'-quality work resembles.

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Even more seasoned graduate and undergraduate students can benefit from professional, customized research assistance. It is always helpful to have someone look at a topic with new, objective eyes. Freelance academic writers can help point students in the direction of new, potentially fruitful areas of research or help them reframe their thesis with greater clarity so they can be more focused in their approach to the topic. For older students juggling many job responsibilities who do not have time to go to their professor's office hours, freelance academic writers can provide assistance at home in a manner which is convenient and available 24-7.

Working with a freelance academic writer is usually a stress-free process. To ensure that there is no confusion, however, it is extremely important for the student to be clear about exactly what he or she needs and expects from the writer. For example, it is not enough to simply tell a writer, "I need a paper on Tennessee Williams." The page length, number of sources, grade level, and type of writing required are all essential. Telling the writer "I need a two-page example discussion post on Tennessee Williams' Glass Menagerie only using the play as a source" or "I need an example of a fifteen-page research essay written at the master's level on all of Tennessee Williams' plays" is a much better way to frame a request. The student can ask the academic freelance writer for suggested sources to explore, for editing of a draft essay, and other means of improving their own work. Make sure to give the writer all of the information necessary to complete the work before he or she begins.

As with all professional relationships, good communication is essential in making sure the academic freelance writer can assist the student to the best of his or her abilities. This means if the writer has any questions or has difficulty in obtaining a source or accessing material, the student should keep an eye on his or her email to help the writer out. The student should also avoid adding additional information after the request for assistance has been submitted if at all possible; if it is necessary to do so, more time may be needed by the writer to complete the project.

Many students have concerns that the quality of the freelance work they pay for will not be of high caliber. But requesting a short, sample piece of research from a writer to see if the writer's style is helpful before requesting a longer assignment is an excellent way to test the quality of the writer's work. It is also a good idea to put in a request to have enough time to carefully review the work before using it as a helpful template for the student's own assignment.

Some students feel ashamed that they need assistance but tutoring and collaboration is a natural part of the learning process. The very definition of a student is someone who is still perfecting his or her skill set. The only thing to be ashamed of is not seeking help if you need it! Not even professional writers 'write alone' and everyone needs editing and assistance to perfect their craft as writers.


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