Jun 15, 2024 

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Terms and Quality Guidelines

1. All posted news items, press releases, and articles must conform to the EssayNews Quality Guideline Policy as follows: authors may only submit texts for which they own the copyright. Beyond this, each posted text:


- Be 100% original
- Be previously unpublished (i.e. the content you post here must not already appear anywhere else on the Internet)
- Be related to education, academic writing, editing, or research
- Contain at least 300 words (excluding text from the summary field)
- Contain a title and a summary that are not all in CAPS and that accurately describe the content of the text
- Be written in proper English


- Include more than three (3) external links
- Include links to irrelevant and/or "bad neighborhood" domains
- Include excessive, repetitive, and/or irrelevant keywords or phrases
- Include inappropriate or irrelevant images or videos
- Contain excessive bolded or capitalized text
- Contain hateful, violent, defamatory, intolerant, vulgar, fake, or illegal content

2. EssayNews moderators have the right to remove or edit any posted message that does not meet the above rules, without notice to the poster, as well as to suspend a member who repeatedly violates the rules.

3. Each regular news item will be hosted for one year from the publish date (or until the poster deletes it before it expires). Premium news items never expire and can only be deleted by the poster.

4. No credits or refunds will be given if posted message is edited or removed, or if your account is suspended due to the violation of our rules.