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I wrote for established academic writing companies for over ten years before becoming a freelance writer. I've worked as a freelancer now for five years, and have established a very loyal, very stable client base. At present, I currently have room in my schedule to accommodate more clients.

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Madeline (essay writer)
I am a highly skilled, highly experienced, professional academic writer with over fifteen years of experience helping graduate students with editing, proofreading, and writing model papers. I've been working as a freelance writer for the past ten years, and spent the previous ten years working for a variety of academic writing companies.

  • My areas of specialty range from the humanities (English, history, and the fine arts) to business (including marketing, case studies, and public relations). I can also assist students in what many call the "soft sciences," meaning psychology, sociology, anthropology, and so forth. If you don't see your particular subject area here in this short list, don't be afraid to ask, as I have a wide range of knowledge and skills.
  • My general approach to assisting students is simple: I help them determine what they need, and then I provide it. Sometimes, students have a working draft and simply need editorial assistance. At other times, students are completely stuck and need a model paper from which they can work. Still other times, students need a combination of the two (such as editing the first three chapters of their thesis, and writing the remaining two chapters). Regardless of the type of assistance, I can provide it.
I am a native speaker of English, residing in the US, so there will be no problems resulting from ESL-sounding language. I also accept PayPal payments, so there will be no problems there. You will own the copyright to your project, whether I revise it or create a model project for you, so again, there are no problems there.

Regarding deadlines: I am a freelancer who keeps relatively normal business hours. What that means is that rush jobs can be tricky for me. This is not to say they are impossible; it is to say, however, that a bit of forward thinking on your part will make it more possible for me to be able to assist you with your project. My advice is to never wait until the last minute! If you need help with an important project, contact me sooner rather than later. I will never place you under any obligation to purchase anything, but at least you will have the option open if you need it.

  • My rates range from $35 - $42 USD, depending upon the scope and complexity of the given project. Therefore, I price each project on an individual basis.
In my spare time, I enjoy reading and writing (believe it or not), and am an active member of a local poetry group. I also appreciate good movies, good television series and good conversations with close friends and family.

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Madeline (GraduateWriter)
Maryland, US
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I am an experienced, professional academic writer who is seeking new clients to help them with their model academic writing and research projects. I can handle almost any subject area, and can assist with both editing and writing needs.

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