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Law School - Example Personal Statement

Nelson Mandela once said, "There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living."

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What led you to make the decision to apply to law school:

I realized the truth of this statement several years ago, after the unexpected death of my father. He died at a point in his life that left many things undone and unsaid, many dreams unfulfilled. Experiencing this ultimate finality, I realized that in order for my life to be filled with passion and excellence, I must have the courage to follow that passion. My passion lies in justice - in seeking justice for those who are suffering, oppressed or those who badly need representation. I believe that my passion is my source of strength, creativity and motivation. My decision to apply for law school is not only representative of this passion, but it is a growing crescendo of the need I have to help others and make the lives of others more fulfilled and engendering a progressive action toward change and betterment.

What you would like to do with your law degree:

Law School Personal
With my law degree, I would like to pursue constitutional law. I feel that the pursuit of constitutional law will enable me to address many injustices in the arenas of human rights, state responses to violence and public interest advocacy. In addressing these issues, I feel I would be an active voice for political and social change. Like revolutionary publications that changed the course of history such as Uncle Tom's Cabin and Common Sense, I intend to use the law to advocate social and cultural change at a grassroots level, bringing that change from the bottom up.

There is a trending current in the globalization of human rights, which refers to the ever-stronger consensus (now nearly worldwide) as to the importance of protecting basic human rights. At this point, the embodiment of that consensus in legal documents, such as national constitutions and international treaties, and the related decision is to enlist judges (lawyers) as instruments to help make that protection effective in practice, which is a job I feel I am destined to do.

Why you are interested in the Toronto Faculty of Law in particular:

I am interested in the Toronto Faculty of Law in particular because I am interested in Constitutional Law, as well as the affiliations that Toronto offers with the Canadian Civil Liberties Research Centre. The mission of this organization is closely in line with my interests and goals, and I feel that studying at the University of Toronto would facilitate greater access to and understanding of the resources and methods of this organization to further my own understanding and perhaps even allowing the opportunity to lend my own knowledge and experience to the organization.

Education and other choices:

  • Political Science Degree
  • Developed appreciation of issues concerning ethnic, equality, and human rights
  • Understanding political contexts, culture, and resources is an important vehicle through which humanitarian issues/injustices can be recognized, realized, affected
  • I believe that law and politics are intricately connected for the purposes of my interests especially: the legal system is a vehicle for political action
I applied this knowledge in practice:

  • Political Campaign
  • Worked on the federal campaign for MP
  • Spent recent summers in India volunteering
  • Co-founded A Little Happiness Foundation, Canada division (A non-profit equal rights organization)
  • Now on board of directors

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