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Legitimate, Reputable Academic Writing Company Seeking Experienced Freelance Writers is a legitimate, reputable academic writing company that has been in existence for over a decade. We are currently seeking experienced, professional academic freelance writers, particularly in the areas of business, information technology, and medicine. We offer excellent pay and unparalleled support to our writers, and seek independent contract writers with whom we can form working relationships.

Feb 10, 2010 / EssayNews
WHO IS CUSTOMPAPERS.COM? is one of the most respected, longest-lived academic writing companies in existence today. We create model papers, PPT presentations, statistical assignments, and almost every other kind of academic (and non-academic) writing and research-related project for thousands of clients around the world.

One of the few single-site companies (as opposed to the conglomerates with numerous affiliate sites), prides itself on providing extraordinary customer service and exceptionally written model papers. In business for over ten years, is also one of the few truly US-based, US-owned, and US-operated companies in this market, which is another way it stands apart from the rest of the "term paper company" crowd.

These things and more are the reasons why our clients tend to find us and stay with us. Check out what is said about us on the student forums -- when students and other clients have the freedom to speak their minds about the academic writing companies they patronize, that's when the truth comes out. And the truth is that is the cream of the crop in the academic writing world.

WHY ARE WE SPECIAL? is definitely "high-end," meaning that we are one of the more expensive academic writing companies on the internet today. However, our clients believe we are worth the extra cost, because what we provide to them (in terms of both the papers and the customer service they receive) is exemplary.

Of interest to professional academic writers is the fact that the reason our prices are high is because we are just about the highest-paying academic writing company in existence. We pay our writers excellent rate per project because we believe that top quality work deserves top quality pay. We also believe that our writers deserve to be paid quickly for the work they do, and so no one ever waits longer than 48 hours to be paid. Finally, we pay via PayPal, because we've found that to be the safest, most efficient means of paying our independent contract writers their hard-earned payments.

However, our excellent fee schedule is not the only reason why we are so attractive to professional contract writers. We offer comprehensive internal support to writers. Any time there is a problem with a paper, a client, or anything else, all of our writers have a live support staff person whom they can email for help. We answer within a few hours at most, often within minutes, whenever any of our freelance writers needs us.

We also never force our contract writers to take any jobs at all. We have a jobs board which posts every available project and which all writers visit at their own schedule to review the current job offerings. All writers bid on those projects which interest them, and only those jobs. We never have, and never would, make it a condition of contract that a writer work on a given paper.

Finally, we are interested in forming successful relationships with our contract freelance writers. Many of our writers have had a freelance writing account for a considerable period of time. The combination of high pay per page and excellent support is simply too good -- and too rare -- to deny.

WHO DO WE WANT? is actively seeking experienced, professional freelance writers / contractors, especially in these fields:

1. Business/Finance/Economics
2. Information Technology/Computer Science
3. Medicine/Nursing

We are always happy to consider writers who specialize in other fields, although please note that we may expect all of our writers to have some flexibility and breadth in the kinds of papers they write. This means that writers who only want to write papers about English Literature will be at a definite disadvantage.

We expect our writers to produce 100% custom-written papers for every client. We do not tolerate plagiarism of any kind, nor do we condone copying and pasting from the internet for any reason whatsoever.

We also only hire writers who speak English as a first language. We are thus seeking writers in the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia.

Finally, we prefer all contracted freelancers that have an account with us to possess at least a bachelor's degree in at least one area of expertise.

Author Info:

Custom Papers LLC
Chicago, Illinois
United States
(800) 564-5428

More about Author: is a US-based, US-owned, and US-operated academic writing company. In existence for over 10 years, has positioned itself as one of the high-end academic writing companies, known for our exceptional customer service as well as the excellent quality of our work. Contact us if you have what it takes to work for us.

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