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Most academic writing services serve a wide range of clients, from undergraduate students to doctoral candidates. specializes in graduate level writing (both masters and doctorates), as well as post-graduate work such as completing journal articles for professional publication. Custom Dissertation works with only the most experienced, highly talented, native English speaking academic writers. We help graduate students with everything from coursework to dissertations. Everyone says graduate level writing is stressful and difficult, but to us it is a comfortable, familiar form of artful self-expression.

Nov 19, 2013 / EssayNews is a resource for anyone who wants to hire a professional writer during graduate school. A different kind of writing is required at the graduate level that simply is not expected in the earlier years. A demonstration of proficiency in research, the use of a more sophisticated vocabulary and sentence structure, and an overall stronger ability to analyze and synthesize information in a cohesive whole are some of the expectations that instructors have of graduate-level writing. These are some of the skills possessed by the writers who work with CustomDissertation.

At present, we work with a group of highly experienced, professional academic writers and match each client with the best possible writer for their job. Sometimes a few writers collaborate for efficiency and quality control. Every writer with possesses in-depth knowledge of research methods, the dissertation process, and the English language as it is applied in different ways depending on the nuances and conventions of the various academic disciplines and professional fields.

What if you aren't a graduate student? While the service does focus on the needs of graduate students, all of the writers involved with this business are definitely capable of assisting students at all levels of learning. also helps people who aren't students at all" professors writing journal articles, professionals working on grant applications or business plans, managers in need of reports or memos, IT & web design professionals, and anyone else who wants something written in a professional way. CustomDissertation can help with everything from admissions essays to case studies, dissertations to legal briefs, MBA coursework to master's theses, and research proposals to PowerPoint Presentations.

Lauren, the name behind CustomDissertation, was a professional academic writer for over 20 years. In that time, she gained experience in a wide array of topics, disciplines, genres, and levels of writing. She also gained increasing insight into herself and learned that she is best suited to working with graduate students, partly because of her ability to write acceptable texts at that level, and also because she discovered that she loved the entire process of writing at this level. She loves the iterative nature of the work (meaning that almost all work done at this level is handed back to students for revision); far from being the frustrating thing that most writers find it to be, Lauren and the other writers who work with her at understand that this is the process and find it to be an enlightening and interesting way to progress toward a completed text.

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More about Author: is the brainchild of several professional academic writers who realized they could meet a great need by pooling resources, consolidating, and creating a service devoted solely to the needs of graduate-level students. At this time, Custom Dissertation works with a wide variety of students at all levels of study, all over the world, and assists with documents ranging from theses to capstone projects.

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